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I like to put flowers in trees to make them prettier :D

I like to put flowers in trees to make them prettier :D

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Doodling my name in chinese :D

Doodling my name in chinese :D

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Pros and Cons of a Math Party

In honor of the “Math Party” I’m going to tonight, I’ve decided to write up a list of Pros and Cons of why or why not YOU should have a math party. Read and Enjoy!

  • Pizza. Nuff said. 

According to my math teacher this is the most essential part of the math party, and since I agree with him, it must be true.

  • You get to learn from other people’s failures. 

Why learn from your own failures when you can have other people fail for you? On the test, you might make a mistake and then be like WAIT! BOB MADE THIS MISTAKE AND I LEARNED FROM IT BECAUSE LEARNING FROM OTHER PEOPLE’S FAILURES IS AWESOME! And then you’d get an A on the test and go on to be the President of the United States.

  • You can’t Procrastinate. 

Procrastination is so evil that I like to capitalize the P, because that’s how evil it is. You’re less likely to skip a party than you are to skip the study session you planned to have in front of the tv. This is more true if you’re in charge of bringing food, because if you and the food don’t show up the other people will come and kidnap you and the food (or just the food).

  • Pizza

It’s just so important that it has to be on here twice.

  • You can ask questions. 

If you study by yourself and you don’t get something, all you can do is go UGH I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO BECAUSE FRACTIONS AND PI ARE STUPID AND I DON”T UNDERSTAND THEM AND AHHHHHHH. You’d be screaming because the tangent graphs would turn into little snakes in your mind and start attacking your face. This could all be avoided if you had a math party and could ask other people so they could tell you some random procedure you’ll never need after the test.

  • You can tell people you went to a/had a party, even if you actually have no life.
  • You’ll learn the content better and do better on the test!

This is kind of the whole reason me and my friends are having a math party. Well that, and the pizza.


  • You might learn from someone’s failure.

Somebody might do a problem all wrong, and then explain it to you all wrong, and then you’d get it all wrong on the test. If this happens I recommend squirting a banana in their face for revenge, since nobody likes getting a banana squirted in their face. 

That’s pretty much the only con I can think of, so having a math party must be a good idea!

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— Draco Malfoy, A Very Potter Sequel

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Human memory? Am I expected to have non-human memories? But my earliest memory is of people singing happy birthday to me, and me being confused because according to my toddler logic “I already had my birthday last year!”.

Quirky and cute song. One of my faves at the moment :D

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Friend me on Pottermore!!!!

My username is WildHazle10 and I’m a proud Ravenclaw :D. Join me, and together we can RULE THE WORLD AND HAVE POWER BEYOND WHAT ANYONE CAN IMAGI - oh wait, that sounds a bit too evil. Friend me and I’ll send you virtual cookies with my mind!

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Ravenclaw’s winning the house cup!!!!!! *house pride

Ravenclaw’s winning the house cup!!!!!! *house pride

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